Bargain Spot: Laura Paige Lipsticks

Hello readers, I wanted to let you know that Laura Paige lipsticks are only 99p at MakeUp Uk. It is always a pretty darn cheap website but at the moment all BYS and Laura Paige stuff is under £3, and they are doing free gits and stuff. You might have seen on my Study In Red post a little while back that I have a few of these lipsticks – I have a gold (yes real gold – see me wearing it here ), a purple, a great orange, a deep cherry … some colours seem to be more on the sheer side, like the pinks, and some are satisfyingly opaque, but either way I really like them – they are quite creamy and moisturising and have some unusually funky colour options.

[P.S. This post is not sponsored in anyway – if I ever get that big, I promise to always let you know if I am receiving something from a company to write about them]


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One thought on “Bargain Spot: Laura Paige Lipsticks

  1. Really pretty colours! I need to check them out

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