The Dresses That I Wish They Would Make In My Size: #1 Summer Dresses

I realize that my last few posts have been quite aspirational, but when you have no money and its raining you do a lot of wishing about clothes instead of wearing real ones! So bear with me just a little longer – this will basically be a list of the clothes that I wish existed, as you might have gathered from the not so catchy title. This is the first of a new mini-series of posts. How often do you see a dress and wish they made it in a plus size? Or see a trend and think, actually why aren’t they making this kind of dress or that one? I’ve started keeping track of the basic shapes that I really wish they made – at high street prices, and that actually fit, not with a giant waist, or too short, or a tiny chest, dresses just as daring or exciting as normal sizes, but also not just scaled up from a size eight, but with actual consideration of the bodies that they are being made for (like not using tiny prints, but big, bold flattering ones, and not highlighting the stomach). Now the following designs are all based on my actual, non-underwear enhanced silhouette so I realize that they won’t necessarily speak to all of you. Also, obviously I’m not an artist or designer, but I hope you get the idea! First up, summer clothes! No. #1 a high-waisted bikini that doesn’t have a high leg, but shorts shape instead, and the top of which is slightly longline – that is, that it comes down the rib cage slightly lower than the breasts, and that is NOT a halterneck! Why do they make bikinis in big cup sizes with a tiny halterneck string; don’t they know how much it hurts? No. #2 A strappy ruched sundress a la Marylin that is long enough that it is not in danger of exposing you or sticking straight out over your bum, but doesn’t swamp you either! No. #3 One of those khaki shirt dresses that are kind of like a mac – you know the ones I mean. They seem to make these every year in normal sizes and I think they look great. No. #4 A vintagey off-the shoulder sundress in a great print, with a bodice, and a stiff, contrasting underskirt. Would you buy these? What kinds of clothes do you really wish the high-street would make and sell for your size/shape/budget?


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2 thoughts on “The Dresses That I Wish They Would Make In My Size: #1 Summer Dresses

  1. Michi of Delphina Luxe on said:

    Did you draw these? If so, how can you say you aren’t an artist?! 😉 These look great!

    As for me, I really wish companies didn’t often ignore the busty female population.

    • yes I did! thank you, that so sweet especially from someone who can draw like you! I know – I would say my biggest problem with buying clothes (and I have a few) is the bust to waist ratio – you just can’t get it off the peg. apparently Pepperberry clothes are good since they do several different ratios within their sizing, but I haven’t tried them so I can’t say for sure. they are a little pricey too.
      Also, if you are in North America companies like eShakti do customize sizing at extremely reasonable prices, but I just can’t find any that ship to Europe!

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