The Dresses That I Wish They Would Make In My Size: #3 Formal Dresses

Here is the third set of dresses that I wish I could buy. Formal dresses are one of the hardest plus-size garments to find and buy, especially at reasonable prices. In the past the only way that I’ve managed it is by going to people that do custom sizing, like Edressit. But here are some designs I’d really, really like in my wardrobe. No. #9 Puffball dress with sheer, embroidered neckline, fitted brocade top and poofy taffeta skirt. No. #10 Cotton bustier (in oranges and lemons print) with little buttons. Long enough to wear with a high-waisted skirt. Yes a bustier! Why not, we can wear them too! One that is generous enough to fit a plus-size chest, and is long enough that my belly isn’t out! but yes a bustier. and a peplum, soft black leather, high-waisted pencil skirt with pleated side panels for flexibility. No. #11 A boatneck, knee length fitted fishtail skirt dress in burnt orange taffeta. No. #12 A ruched midnight-blue ombre, chiffon ballgown, with a helmet/high-low skirt, gathered waist, and winged neckline. Mmmmm, I’m dreaming about it now ….

What styles would you love to wear if only you could get hold of them? What problems do you have getting off-the-peg clothes to fit your shape?


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2 thoughts on “The Dresses That I Wish They Would Make In My Size: #3 Formal Dresses

  1. Hello! *waving* Liking your ideas! What programme are you using to create your sketches?

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