Christmas Countdown Day 4 – 8 of the Best: Winter Coats

You might be thinking to yourself that it is a little late in the year to be buying a coat. But while treating yourself to a jacket is not a big decision and might even happen a few times a year, investing in a warm coat is something that requires saving, careful research, and an unforgiving appraisal of your current one. With the temperate autumn we’ve had and the tightening of belts all round, your loved one might have decided that their old coat could hang on for one more year – surprise them with a big treat this Christmas and give them something to keep them warm through the bitter days of January, February, and years to come. Here are my favourites,¬†unfortunately I want them all! But I’m particularly keen for a capricious cape, having talked myself out of one last year.
Mango Wrap Coat, Mango Biker Jacket, Asos Swing Coat, Ted Baker Riding Jacket,
My Lolita Dress Capelet Coat, Tobi Shearling Coat, Romwe Cape, SheInside Double Breasted Coat

Tomorrow: What to Buy for Mothers, Aunts, Wives and Grandmas


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