Christmas Countdown Day 7 – 6 of the Best: Presents for Teenage Girls and Young Women (Girlfriends, Sisters, Female Friend, Daughters)

Okay, okay, you got me – this is basically a list of six more things I’d really like to find beneath the tree. I’ve been toying with the increasingly popular idea of an ‘infinity’ dress – a convertible dress that can be worn literally dozens of ways. It’s better than the little black dress because it will never stop fitting you and you can keep making it look like a different new dress. This is a good gift if you want to buy a lady clothes, but are worried about getting an exact fit – because no matter what end of the size spectrum you are, the way clothes fit you always differs between brands. Cocktail kit just looks like wicked fun, and the eyemask has a real Marie-Antoinette luxury about it.

I have a wire mannequin a little like this one that I hang all of my jewellery and ribbons and stuff on, and I love it and it is useful and it is always greatly admired. I also have this eyeshadow kit – I expected it to be a disappointment because you get 180 colours for the price of about three brand name ones, but actually the colours are intense, opaque, and long lasting and in a variety of textures e.g. glittery, metallic and matte. I use it all the time because I like to use at least three colours when doing a ‘party eye’, and because I’m a bit neurotic about matching me eye shadow to my outfits. Silk pillowcases are supposed to be better for your skin and hair, and feel nicer anyway.Henkaa Infinity Dress, Cocktail Molecular Mixology Kit, LoveMeSugar Eyemask (Etsy),
Wire Mannequin (Ebay), Fraulein 180 Eyeshadow Palette, Holistic Silk Anti-ageing Raw Silk Pillowcases

Tomorrow: What to Buy for Young Men and Teenage Boys (Boyfriends, Brothers, Sons, Friends)


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One thought on “Christmas Countdown Day 7 – 6 of the Best: Presents for Teenage Girls and Young Women (Girlfriends, Sisters, Female Friend, Daughters)

  1. I like the way you present your posts, it makes it very easy for me
    to read and also understand. Please keep up the good work!

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