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8 of the Best: Pagoda Umbrellas

If you haven’t heard of these yet, then I think that you will be as delighted as I was! The pagoda umbrella is as cheap and practical as a regular one but with a much more unusual and delightful aesthetic, and much more acceptable to double as a parasol (or sunbrella :D). I think they are super cute and bound to brighten up your rainy days. I’m gonna order one and maybe I won’t mind the weather so much then.

CheerfulBargainsLtd Umbrella (Ebay), Guy de Jean Umbrella, Fulton Umbrella,
Guy de Jean Parasol, Bella Umbrella Vintage Parasol, Chrysalin Umbrella,
ShopingLady62 Umbrella (Ebay), MySchirm Umbrella, Guy de Jean Umbrella

If I Was A Rich Girl…(and they made these in plus sizes) – Autumn Lust List

Here are a few things I would snap up if only they moved the decimal point AND made them in bigger sizes! Seriously though, if you see the high street version of any of these, please oh please, let me know…

Jason Wu Trousers, Alexander McQueen Skirt, Paul Smith Blazer,

Pinup Couture Dress, Fleet Ilya Belt, Erdem Boots

A/W 2012 Trends Wardrobe Inspiration

Here is my inspiration for my Autumn wardrobe – the best of the runways in my opinion. There are some things here that we have come to expect from a/w collections – such as pumpkin colours, leather, tweed, tartan – done in a new way, and some very new, very 2012 things – oxblood, cobalt blue, 20’s style, pewter, embellishment and lots of gold brocade (especially from Dolce and Gabbana) and statement makeup – and some things that I just really want – a kilt, a 40’s suit, a good jacket. What you won’t see here is lots of white, zoot suits, or plenty of other trends that I’ll be giving a miss!

What are your favourite trends for autumn/winter so far? What can you not wait to buy?

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