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The Dresses That I Wish They Would Make In My Size: #4 Autumn/Winter Dresses

Here is the fourth installment of clothes that I really wish they made in my size. If I could get them, they would make up the staples of my wardrobe. No. #13 A tweed riding jacket with tails, black velvet accents, buttons and mandarin collar, suede elbow patches, puffed sleeves and frilled cuffs. A thick jersey, burgundy, draped tulip skirt. No. #14 Three-quarter sleeved newspaper-print wrap dress with bow closing in matte stretch satin. The crossover goes all the way around the body again to define the waist. No. #15 Bardot-style off-the-shoulder  tee-shirt in ribbed cashmere. Purple tartan wrap-around kilt with leather buckles. No. #16  Berry coloured cable-knit, turtle-neck jumper dress with pockets. Teal leather cut out, three-strap waist belt.What clothes would you really like for Winter? Do you have that one idea of a garment that you’ve been searching for forever? As usual, if you see any clothes similar to these in plus-sizes, let me know!

The Dresses That I Wish They Would Make In My Size: #3 Formal Dresses

Here is the third set of dresses that I wish I could buy. Formal dresses are one of the hardest plus-size garments to find and buy, especially at reasonable prices. In the past the only way that I’ve managed it is by going to people that do custom sizing, like Edressit. But here are some designs I’d really, really like in my wardrobe. No. #9 Puffball dress with sheer, embroidered neckline, fitted brocade top and poofy taffeta skirt. No. #10 Cotton bustier (in oranges and lemons print) with little buttons. Long enough to wear with a high-waisted skirt. Yes a bustier! Why not, we can wear them too! One that is generous enough to fit a plus-size chest, and is long enough that my belly isn’t out! but yes a bustier. and a peplum, soft black leather, high-waisted pencil skirt with pleated side panels for flexibility. No. #11 A boatneck, knee length fitted fishtail skirt dress in burnt orange taffeta. No. #12 A ruched midnight-blue ombre, chiffon ballgown, with a helmet/high-low skirt, gathered waist, and winged neckline. Mmmmm, I’m dreaming about it now ….

What styles would you love to wear if only you could get hold of them? What problems do you have getting off-the-peg clothes to fit your shape?

The Dresses That I Wish They Would Make In My Size: #2 Going Out Dresses

Last week I posted about the summer dresses I wish that I could buy (in my size), partly inspired by the controversial debate going on over at IFB about why the top tier fashion bloggers are all pretty mainstream (in lots of ways – white, size eight, Western, etc). I commented at the time that one of the many reasons why it might be true that most top tiers are small sizes, especially in the UK, is that we simply don’t have the same  choice or chance to buy beautiful, trend led clothes. It is getting better in my opinion, but it is still much harder to find young, modern, fashionable, well-fitting clothes at high street prices for a size 20 than it is for a size eight, so personal style and fashion blogs about plus sizes will always struggle to have that general, universal appeal of ‘art’ or amazing style. Anyway, as a result I indulged in a little fantasizing about the clothes they would make for us if I was in charge, and here are the club/party dresses that I wish they’d make. Some are inspired by existing dresses that they don’t make in bigger sizes, and some are straight out of my own head. Again, these are based on my natural silhouette and might not be the best for all plus size shapes, and I’m not an illustrator or fashion student (obviously ha ha) but I hope you can squint at them and see what I see. I guess I’ll just have to learn to sew! No. #5 strapless, beaded, corset top and paneled skirt. No. #6 softly draped Grecian jersey dress with embellished epaulettes. Gold collar-style belt with chains. No. #7 gold and green body con bandage dress. Occasionally the high street do do bigger tube dresses, but I really want a good, interesting Herve Leger knock-off in my size please! I’d get so much use out of it. No. #8 Asymmetric, form-fitting, stretchy dress with sheer top, sleeve, and cut out, and interesting print. Material thick enough that it isn’t constantly riding up.What are the clothes you really struggle to find? Have a seen anything like these in plus-sizes anywhere?

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