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Christmas Countdown Day 5 – 6 of the Best presents for Women (Mothers, Grandmas, Aunts, Wives, Friends)

It is hard to generalize any gift guide – obviously the difficult bit about giving a present is matching it as accurately as possible to the recipient. I am also hyper conscious of the possible stereotyping of making suggestions for a group based on their gender and age, but you, my reader, are already smart enough to know that if your mum or wife loves comic books, white water rafting or computers then you have some very specific internet surfing to do all on your own. Failing that, here are a few suggestions for you that hopefully won’t make anyone feel like they’ve caught the afternoon Tardis back to the 50’s by accident. My suggestions this week are often based on something that I have been given or have particularly successfully given to someone else in the past, little things that you didn’t even know you wanted, which is what good Christmas gift buying is all about for me.

The coral shelves are just pretty. The pack of 100 Penguin postcards for the readers amongst us are sweet and can either be used all over someone’s wall for decoration, or used slowly as thank you notes and birthday cards – be honest, how often are you caught out without adequate stationary throughout the year? More often than you’d like to admit I’ll bet. The scarf is an instant shot of colour to ward off rainy day blues, plus I think it looks a bit designer – it looks like Pucci, but it’s priced by Mango, perfect! Every woman should have a perfume atomiser for traveling or for her handbag. They are easy to use, small and light, and you don’t have to worry about breaking your whole expensive bottle on a trip. The Kindle covers are particularly gorgeous I thought – they are cleverly designed for a host of different devices actually, and the embossed dyed leather with a pewter catch gives you back a little of the physical pleasure of reading that you lose on an electronic device. The most unusual (and most expensive) idea though is from a company that turns your child’s drawings into silver or gold jewellery. What you will create with them, whether it is a necklace, brooch, or cufflinks, is a uniquely personal keepsake that you can wear forever.
Wisteria Coral Floating Shelves, 100 Penguin Covers Postcards, AM Jewellery,
Mango Scarf, Bits for Bags Atomiser and Pen Set, Oberon Leather Kindle Covers

Tomorrow: What to Buy for Dads, Grandads, Uncles and Husbands

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