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What to Wear on the 31st October, 2012: Halloween Costume Ideas

As you already know, my favourite day of the year is coming up and I can’t wait. The drama! The campness! the fabulosity! The high gothic aesthetic! So I’ve been thinking and planning and planning and thinking. Some years I have floods of ideas, and other years my imagination is dry as a bone, silent as a grave, in this crucial month (no pun etc).

In case you are having this trouble, here are my top six halloween ideas for this year, feel free to steal them! Unfortunately, it is only one night a year, but here are costumes I’d dearly like to make this year; the white queen from Alice in Wonderland, Frida Kahlo, Nicki Minaj, Harley Quinn from Batman, a beheaded french aristocrat (because I’ve already been a clean Marie: see right), a venetian mask (but your real face, just painted)

Ah well, maybe next year. What will you be 🙂 ?

Halloween Outfits

So I LOVE halloween. It is not just my favourite night, but my favourite time of year. I love everything about it, and now that we are in October its officially okay for me to start planning. I’ve started obsessing about my costume, so I took a glance back at recent costumes. From left to right, row by row;
old man tramp, white swan, Columbia from Rocky Horror, Cavewoman
Poison Ivy, Columbia, Clown
Queen of Hearts, Schoolgirl, Thing 1 from Dr. Seuss, Ginger Spice, Carnival
Check out my Pinterest for my moodboard of Halloween crafts and ideas, and stay posted for my next Halloween update, same time next week 😀

Trend Alert: The Fierce Uppercut

I’m so taken by this new haircut,as seen on Alice Dellal, Rihanna, Mel B, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, and many others! I really want it, but I think it might have to wait until after I have a succesful job interview. Also it seems to work best on very long or very short hair so I might have to go shorter. In the meantime, I might try to fake it by just slicking back the sides. I’ll let you know.
What do you think? They are pretty damn fierce right? Just don’t make the mistake of calling it ‘lesbian chic’ like’s Maya Singer, who exposed her stereotyping thoughts when she linked sexuality to ‘baseball caps…and combat boots’.

What to Wear…To a Castle, or How to Dress like Minnie Mouse

So as you know, I went on a little trip recently – including a visit to Prudhoe Castle and what could be more appropriate to wear to a castle than an outfit borrowed straight from Disney? My inspiration this time was the First Lady of Disney, Miss Minnie herself. She really knew how to pull of bold colours, plus cartoons and childhood nostalgia are really trending right now! Here is how I did it;

H&M Cardigan, pinupfashiondress Dress and Belt (Ebay), buysunnies Glasses (Ebay)

Here are some other accessories you could incorporate to nod to that magical mouse;

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag (asos), Loud Look Boot (amazon), Marks and Spencers Wedge,

Hell Bunny Petticoat, Ted Baker Cuff, Blink Shoes

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