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Bargain Spot: Laura Paige Lipsticks

Hello readers, I wanted to let you know that Laura Paige lipsticks are only 99p at MakeUp Uk. It is always a pretty darn cheap website but at the moment all BYS and Laura Paige stuff is under £3, and they are doing free gits and stuff. You might have seen on my Study In Red post a little while back that I have a few of these lipsticks – I have a gold (yes real gold – see me wearing it here ), a purple, a great orange, a deep cherry … some colours seem to be more on the sheer side, like the pinks, and some are satisfyingly opaque, but either way I really like them – they are quite creamy and moisturising and have some unusually funky colour options.

[P.S. This post is not sponsored in anyway – if I ever get that big, I promise to always let you know if I am receiving something from a company to write about them]

Study in Red

You may have noticed – I love my lipsticks! They are my number one pick-me-up to inject a little colour into my day, and are a pretty cheap treat that won’t shrink in the wash or go out of fashion. Here is my kit at the moment. On paper you can see the colour more objectively, since they will look different on everyone’s lips. What’s your favourite lipstick?

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