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8 of the Best: Painted Rhinestone

This microtrend took off a little while ago, inspired by Tom Binns Collection, and I’m totally obsessed with it! Hand painted rhinestone or crystal jewelry is self-consciously girly, but a little bit punk as well. It is so great for a pop of colour on these rainy days, and also a great way to work other trends – like neons, pastels, statement necklaces, flowers, rope – into your wardrobe. Here is my lineup;

Asos Ear Cuff, Pure Essentia Necklace (Etsy), ColorblockShop Earrings (Etsy), SophiaDarlingVintage Necklace (Etsy)

LasSmartArts Necklace (Etsy), prettylittlethings85 Earrings (Etsy), JenHoodenpyle Necklace (Etsy), Martsys Earrings (Etsy)

It was a tough choice, but here is what I bought in the end;

ELMELM earrings, Nianiacollection Necklace (both on Etsy)

If you love these but don’t want to shell out, see an easy DIY tutorial here at a girl, a style.

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