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8 of the Best: Pagoda Umbrellas

If you haven’t heard of these yet, then I think that you will be as delighted as I was! The pagoda umbrella is as cheap and practical as a regular one but with a much more unusual and delightful aesthetic, and much more acceptable to double as a parasol (or sunbrella :D). I think they are super cute and bound to brighten up your rainy days. I’m gonna order one and maybe I won’t mind the weather so much then.

CheerfulBargainsLtd Umbrella (Ebay), Guy de Jean Umbrella, Fulton Umbrella,
Guy de Jean Parasol, Bella Umbrella Vintage Parasol, Chrysalin Umbrella,
ShopingLady62 Umbrella (Ebay), MySchirm Umbrella, Guy de Jean Umbrella

What to Wear … for a Scottish Summer

I’m going on a trip soon, including briefly visiting Scotland for the first time. Exciting! But what to pack in this miserable weather (and with only hand luggage space) is proving pretty tricky. One thing I’ve definitely decided to include however is this;

Asos Dress, Next Boots, Necklace from ‘make your own stall’ at Judy’s Vintage Fair

It might be a little on the nose, ha ha, but hopefully I’ll fit right in!

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