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If I Was A Rich Girl…I’d Fill My Closet with Whirling Turban Dresses

I love the look of Whirling Turban – they make great dresses, everything from bombshell to wedding dresses, in everything from brocade to taffeta and I love them! But they are a bit pricey, probably not for the quality though. You can mix and match the style of top, your fabric, your length, your sleeves to get just what you want. If only all stores had those options! Aren’t they beautiful?I especially love the Hawaiian ones.

Afternoon Tea

The dress is by Vivien of Holloway, but I bought it on Ebay. However, having got hold of one, I can say that I would definitely pay full price for one of these! It fits so well and makes me feel like old Hollywood royalty. Think I’ll start saving up for one with a pencil skirt next. S.o.l.e.w.i.s.h Shoes (Ebay)

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