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Christmas Countdown Day 6 – 6 of the Best: Presents for Fathers, Grandfathers, Husbands, Uncles and Male Friends

I won’t repeat my caveat about assumptions and generalisations, but suffice to say that I find guys older than 8 so hard to buy for that everything is a bit general anyway. Bearing that in mind, here is a list of 6 gifts that are a bit different, and that hopefully will be kept and kept, and played with and played with. Chess sets are always a nice gift for an older person’s study or living room, even just as ornaments, and there are  so many really beautiful and interesting options out there that even if they already own a traditional set, your gift wont be superfluous. One of my favourites is the Greek Gods set below, but on that site alone they have some really nice Isle of Lewis ones, contemporary and historical themed sets, and post-modern designs as well – there is a gift there for everyone from jazz lovers to Lord of the Rings fans. Cufflinks are always a safe bet as well, especially if you don’t know someone that well, and don’t have to be a cop out if you hunt around for one-off designs like these ones (Etsy is the perfect hunting ground for gifts like that). Hope this helps!Checkmate Chess Sets Mythology Chess Set, Lee Jumper and River Island Socks, CD Radio and MP3 Jukebox,
John Lewis Globe, Chischilly Pottery Drinking Horn (Etsy), Jared Fiorillo Roman Coin Cufflinks and OffTheCuff Ammonite Cufflinks and EnchantedLockets Compass Cufflinks (Etsy)

Tomorrow: What to Buy for teenage girls or younger women

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